Exploring Religious Activities at Christian Universities

Children can have access to religious activities in Christian schools such as Bible classes. Learn more about religious exploration at Christian universities and how they allow students of different religions.

Exploring Religious Activities at Christian Universities

Children can have access to religious activities in Christian schools, such as Bible classes, ministry teams, and church choirs. University can also be a great place for religious exploration. In a Christian school, students are taught what their denomination believes and that school and church don't have to be separate. Christians are always Christians, not just at home or at church.

Schools that have a connection to Christianity typically work in two ways: the school will create a curriculum that includes classes on religion, or it will operate in a more secular way without requiring religion classes from its students. Colleges with a strong emphasis on faith will often require Bible classes. Courts often make a distinction between individual prayer and group prayer; individual prayer is usually preferred to group prayers, because there is a perception of a captive audience or that students are forced to participate. Content about the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, or other sacred texts that are taught as a form of history, ethics, or comparative religion is accepted.

However, a teacher cannot refer to religious teachings as a singular truth, or describe one religion over another as superior or as a chosen belief. The complex nature of the intersection between religion and government makes it difficult to know what religious activities are allowed in public schools. If you are concerned that your religious rights may conflict with school activities, talk to a lawyer about it. Consulting with a civil rights lawyer will help you understand this tricky area of law.

The Christian principles of the Caruso School of Law at Pepperdine University emphasize the special concern to inculcate in students the highest values of professional, ethical and moral responsibility. Christian universities allow students of different religions to enroll, but they may require certain behaviors or activities from students who come from Christian practices. A commitment to Christian beliefs related to the origin, nature, and destiny of humanity pervades Seaver's Christian university curriculum, where religious studies and worship services are integral elements of the campus living experience. An excellent example is the University of the Grand Canyon in Phoenix, Arizona, which is now being promoted as one of the largest Christian universities in the United States.

In addition, the student organization SPP Christianity and Public Policy is dedicated to the practical application of the Christian faith in the public sphere through deliberation, examination of biblical and other literary texts, community participation and fellowship. Christian values, firmly rooted in the heritage of the Church of Christ, are at the center of Pepperdine University's academic efforts. The difference between secular schools and Christian schools is that Christian schools will offer these activities from a spiritual perspective. Several Christian groups founded several schools across the country and when choosing a university, a student may wonder if Christian schools allow students of different religions to enroll.

After all, if you want your children to learn Christian values, you'll have to put them in an environment where Christian values are preserved and promoted. As a Christian university, Pepperdine University is an environment as conducive to personal connection as it is to higher education. Schools related to a Christian faith may ask in the application what religion the applicant practices, if any, but an answer that matches the type of Christianity practiced at the school will not necessarily guarantee admission to the university. Christian universities generally do not prohibit non-Christian students from applying or attending but many Christian universities do expect certain behavior or participation in a Christian-themed curriculum for all students.

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