Wheaton College: The #1 Christian College in America

Explore Wheaton College - one of America's top Christian universities - with this guide to its history, awards & recognition, architecture & more.

Wheaton College: The #1 Christian College in America

Wheaton College, located in Wheaton, Illinois, is one of the most renowned Christian universities in the United States. Established in 1860, this private non-denominational Christian school is renowned for its commitment to providing a holistic education that combines faith with scholarship. Wheaton is a liberal arts college affiliated with the Free Evangelical Church of the United States and is known for its rigorous academic programs and its dedication to spiritual formation and service opportunities.Christian universities are some of the most beautiful campuses in the country, boasting stunning ocean views, magnificent stained glass windows and captivating cathedrals. The 50 colleges and universities on this list are some of the most beautiful of their kind, and each school is a highly respected institution based on the principles of the Christian faith.

Awards & Recognition from national or organizational honors greatly influenced each campus' placement on this list.Regent University, founded less than 50 years ago, may be younger than most other universities in Virginia, but its thoughtful architecture and design have earned it a spot on this list. Located on 70 finely landscaped acres in Virginia Beach, Regent University is comprised of classic Georgian-style buildings, one of which is the Founder's Inn and Spa, a hotel and venue for special events. Beach lovers will love the quick access to the Atlantic Ocean, while Colonial Williamsburg, located less than an hour away, is the perfect day trip.Samford University is located in the Birmingham suburb of Homewood and is comprised of 200 immaculate acres of uniform Georgian colonial buildings and a backdrop of trees and gardens. Student accommodation is located close to the well-kept courtyard, which has proven to be the favorite meeting place for students.

The Hodges Chapel stands out especially with its inner dome painted by frescoist Petru Botezatu.The first university affiliated with the Free Methodist Church founded in North America is also one of the most beautiful. Northeastern Seminary (a graduate center in theology) and the local monument B. are located on 75-acre campus that is carefully maintained. The modern-style library can be viewed from almost anywhere on campus and has won several awards.Southwestern Assembles of God University's 73-acre campus is a naturally beautiful, tree-lined paradise for students.

Founded in 1927, the university existed in several places before being established in its current rural environment of Waxahachie. The most impressive building on campus is without a doubt the Blake L. Farmer Administration Building, an elegant and grand construction dating from the beginning of the 20th century.Nyack College may be no other university in New York that better reflects its rich history and old-world ethics than Nyack College. In reality, the university is spread between New York City and the suburb of Nyack.

Both campuses are comprised of university style buildings that range from traditional to more modern. Students on the Manhattan campus will be impressed by the seemingly skyscraper-like stature of academic buildings.Southern Methodist University has 164 tranquil acres of Georgian architecture, extensive gardens, and tree-lined pathways located in Dallas, Texas. The magnificent Dallas Hall was designed by Boston-based architects Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge and was directly inspired by Thomas Jefferson's famous rotunda at the University of Virginia.Hope International University is officially non-denominational but strongly associated with Churches of Christ. Founded under its current name and at its current location in 1997, Hope International's 18-acre campus was designed by Architects Armet & Davis who were inspired by Space Age and car culture when they initially designed it.Judson College consists mainly of a large and elegant building in Greek Renaissance style that houses classrooms, offices and administration.

Its unique dome, tower and roof are instantly recognizable in the area and adorn a series of local postcards. The building has burned down twice before but each time it was rebuilt bigger and better.Pennsylvania's Villanova University is known as a respected institution of Christian higher education. The jewel in the crown of Villanova's campus is undoubtedly St. Mary's Church which was originally built in 1841 as a preparatory school for Catholic children intending to become priests.

The church's architecture is decidedly German with two narrow towers over 60 feet high.Walk around Geneva College's leafy wooded campus and you'll likely forget that you're less than an hour from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The 130-year-old campus buildings are surrounded by 80 acres of carefully maintained vegetation making it a quiet learning center for its 350 students.

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