Buy-A-Brick Capital Campaign

The Buy-a-Brick, Build a Legacy Capital Campaign of Bowling Green Christian Academy is a tangible way for alumni and friends of BGCA to donate to the school’s growth.

As BGCA continues to grow, so do it’s needs. The money raised from the campaign will be applied directly to the retirement of the building mortgage, ensuring the ability to maintain future growth without increasing debt. With the goal of paying off the note, BGCA plans to grow our facility so we can provide more children with the ability to obtain a Christian Worldview education in our community.

The bricks will be located in the main walkway into the school. Phase 1 will feature a cross of red brick, surrounded by a field of tan bricks. The overall area will be 18′ x 20′, a total of 360 square feet. The Cross (Legacy Level) will be limited to 153 bricks, while the Warrior Level will have 612 bricks.

Phase 2 will feature the letters “BGCA” in red brick, again surrounded by a field of tan bricks.

Each brick will have three lines of 16 letters each. It will be up to each individual or business to determine what they would like to have engraved on their brick (BGCA reserves the right to ensure that each engraving maintains the standards of the school). Some examples of possible engraving are pictured to the right.

Phase 1 bricks are now available for purchase. Phase 2 will begin upon the completion of Phase 1.

There are two levels available: Legacy Level bricks ($1,000) will be placed in the cross. The red bricks will feature gold lettering. Only 153 bricks are available at this level! Warrior Level bricks ($500) will be placed around the cross. These bricks are tan and will feature black lettering.


Is my purchase of a brick tax deductible?

Yes. The Fair Market Value (FMV) of each brick is $12.37. Packages are partially tax deductible above FMV. Please contact your tax advisor for more information.

What will the money raised be used for?

The funds raised by the campaign will go directly toward principal payment of the mortgage.

Will I be able to proofread the engraving on my brick?

Yes! We will email a copy of each engraving and will not complete the engraving until we have received a confirmation.

How does this campaign differ from the Annual Fund?

While money received during our Annual Fund campaign goes to various areas of need at the school, the funds raised by the Buy-a-Brick, Build a Legacy campaign will go directly toward the principal payment of BGCA’s mortgage, reducing debt.

I am a business owner. Can my business purchase a brick?

Yes! Businesses are welcome to purchase engraved bricks.