There are many ways to donate to BGCA. Individuals and businesses can make donations to the general fund of the school, allowing monies to be applied where needed, or donations can be appropriated to various areas within the school, such as tuition assistance, athletics, the arts or technology.

Both individuals and businesses are encouraged to prayerfully consider donating to BGCA. Donations are tax deductible. Please contact your tax advisor for more information.

For more information regarding donating to BGCA, please contact the Finance Office,, or by calling 270-782-9552.

Additional Ways to Donate to BGCA

Technology – In order to better serve our students, BGCA continues to upgrade technology as needed. Current needs for BGCA include new student computers, teacher computer upgrades, and Smart Board upgrades.

Tuition Assistance – Many of our families struggle financially to send their children to BGCA, often due to unforeseen hardships that occur during the school year. By donating to our Tuition Assistance fund you would help keep a child in the school that would otherwise have to leave due to financial hardship.

Athletics – Most of our Coaches are parent volunteers that end up paying for needs out of their own pockets. By donating to our Athletics Fund you will be helping our student-athletes have the best experience possible. Funding for items such as new uniforms, equipment, facilities, etc., would come from these donations.

The Arts – If you have a passion for the arts, our schools budget is limited; any donation would bring in more options and resources for the department and allow our dedicated instructors to provide students with the best possible opportunities.