Tuition and Fee Schedule

At BGCA we are prayerfully concerned about each of our families and their unique situations. We have partnered with FACTS Management Company for both our monthly tuition payment plan and our financial needs assessments. This independent, third party organization reviews applications for financial assistance and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees Finance Committee of BGCA.

*Tuition Assistance is only for students enrolled in grades TK – High School.


Please note: No financial information comes to BGCA, nor is it seen by BGCA board members or personnel. FACTS sends to the Board Finance Committee a percentage recommendation (7%, 15%, 28%, etc.) for a family’s tuition reduction. The Board Finance Committee then reviews the recommendation and allocates tuition reductions based on monies allocated for tuition assistance.

The Board Finance Committee will finalize decisions about the distribution of tuition assistance funds and notify all applying families of the rests. If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Office at 270-782-9552 or email at

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