BGCA is dedicated to its mission of providing students a Christian education that encourages commitment to Jesus Christ, academic excellence, high moral character and service to others. As we execute that mission well, students who graduate from Bowling Green Christian Academy will:

Understand and Use Their God-Given Gifts

We wanted every student to know that God created them uniquely and has given them talents and gifts to use for His glory.

Perform with Distinction at the Next Academic Level

As students take next steps in their academic career, we want them to be well prepared and to do things with excellence.

Live a Life of Integrity

We want students to life a lifestyle that honors God. We want them to do what is right because it is right and not only because someone is watching.

Make Their Footprint in the World

God has given us all different shoes to wear. We want students to embrace the path that God has put in front of them and make an impact in their family, community, and the world.