BGCA Board of Trustees

  • Bill Pharris – Board President
  • Pete Nemehier
  • Linda Williams
  • Alan Taylor
  • Bobette Franklin
  • Joanna Beddingfield
  • Brad Cannon

The BGCA Board of Trustees, along with the school administrator, is charged with setting long-range goals designed to support and further the school’s mission. Its members are volunteers who have children that attend BGCA.  These dedicated people lend their expertise and perspective for the purpose of developing, achieving and supporting the school’s goals and mission, and in keeping with biblical principles.

1. The Board engages in long-range strategic planning. Planning for the future is an ongoing process involving all constituency groups of the BGCA School family. The plan is used as a guide for program implementation and for growth and expansion. The operating budget is tightly linked to strategic planning in that goals stated in the plan are a budgetary priority.

2. Along those lines, The Board is responsible for the financial health of the school and establishes policy that supports growth as well as financial soundness.

3. The Board hires and evaluates the Administrator of the School. It is The Board’s responsibility to hire the Administrator of the School, and support that individual as he or she implements stated goals, hires and trains faculty, and sees to the day-to-day operations of the school. The Board maintains a “big picture” view, while trusting the Administrator to manage program delivery, professional development, and other daily tasks of the school.

4. The Board supports the accreditation process and seeks to maintain good standing with the school’s accrediting agency, The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

5. The Board governs itself according to its bylaws and best practices. With prayerfully selected trustees and a written strategic plan, the BGCA School Board of Trustees endeavors to provide an excellent academic experience for its students, both those currently enrolled and also those who will join the BGCA family in the future.